Oceanographic Support

CV for Dr. Erik Buch

Short presentation

Director for Buch Ocean

Director for the Centre for Ocean and Ice

Educated in physical oceanography with a career in observational oceanography especially in the North Atlantic – Arctic waters

Strong engagement and experience in international cooperation

Knight of the Dannebro order 2010

Research projects

2016-2021 Engaged in and leader of several tasks in the INTAROS project

2015-2019 Engaged in and leader several tasks in the ATLANTOS project

2007-2009 Coordinator of the EU- funded Integrated project ECOOP 2007-2009

2005 - 2008 WP-leader and member of the steering group of the EU-financed project MERSEA


2002 - 2005Coordinator of the  EU-financed project PAPA

2000-2005Member of the steering group for the research project “Vestnordic Ocean Climate” financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers

1988 – 1996 Project co-ordinator and chairman of the steering group of the NORDIC WOCE

1984 – 1992Responsible for the oceanographic component of the Danish contribution to the

Greenland Sea Project


Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography;

Bachelor of commerce - management;

Project management

Other obligations


Member of the Steering Committee for “Marine Ecology Modelling Centre” since 2006 and chairman 2008-10.

Chairman of the Danish Council for Marine Research 2005-14

Member of the management group of the Danish SCOR Committee since 1985. Chairman 2005-14.

Chairman of the Danish EuroGOOS Committee 1997-14.

Censor in Physical Oceanography at the University of Copenhagen, University of Roskilde and the Danish Technical University.

Member of the Danish Greenland Sea Project Steering Committee, 1986-94


Danish representative in the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) under UNESCO 2007-13. 

Chairman of EuroGOOS 2013-2018

Danish representative in EuroGOOS since 1995.

Member of the EuroGOOS Board 1999-2003 and again from 2008.

Chairman of BOOS (Baltic Operational Oceanographic System), 2000-2009

Chairman of EuroGOOS Product Working Group 2006-2011

Chairman for EuroGOOS Baltic Task Team 1998 -2000.

Vice chairman for EuroGOOS Technology Plan W.G., 1997-1999.

Vice chairman for EuroGOOS Northwestern Shelves Task Team,1997-99.

Chairman of Nordic Councils ”Expert group on ocean climate research” 2000-2002.

Nordic representative in the Intergovernmental WOCE panel under UNESCO, 1992-96.

Member of International Greenland Sea Project Scien¬tific Steering Group 1987-94, secretary 1991-94.

Danish representative in ICES (International Council For Exploration of the Sea) Hydrography Committee 1984 -1998.

Member of ICES W.G. on Oceanic Hydrography 1984-98, chairman  1991-96.

Assisting editor in Journal of Operational Oceanography


Peer-reviewed: 25

Non-peer reviewed: 83

Reports: 15

Work experience

2013 - Buch Ocean

1998 - 2013Danish Meteorological Institute

       Head of Operational Oceanography Section 1998-2007

       Director of Centre for Ocean and Ice 2007 – 2013

1990 - 1998 Royal Administration of Navigation and Hydrography

       Head of Oceanographic Division

1982 -1990     Greenland Fisheries Research Institute

       Research Scientist in Physical Oceanography

       Head of Fisheries Department 1984-1986

       Vice director 1986-87

1986 - 1999 University of Copenhagen

      External associate professor in Physical Oceanography